The final result

It would take a few days to realize. Out of the dream…
A few days ago came the press release from Biohaven itself that the drug is unfortunately ineffective. I was a bit surprised about the timing, we in Europe are a bit behind. However, I was not surprised by … >>>>>>>

My way

This is a topic that is rarely talked about, at this point as a warning to all, if you want to read on – it is about one’s own death and it is about active euthanasia.

There are many people who reject such a thing. If you have a partner, … >>>>>>>

Travel plans

I am making preparations. I’m going to Bavaria tomorrow and I’m very happy. I was never homesick, for example when I left my birthplace, but I am now. Although I can say that I already have quite good here in Hessen, I have met some great people. And some strange … >>>>>>>

What should I do?

I remember how much hope we had in the Biohaven study.

Now we are almost 2 months away from the end of the official phase. And the question arises:
What happens next?

What are the possibilities?
There is the “Australian” Alerity with ATH 434, but they are only starting with … >>>>>>>

To accept?

I ask myself again and again the question whether one can accept this condition ever. Through conversations, the topic now comes up again. Others say, they have the effort to accept the disease to be able to close, to live on. One also takes help from psychologists, social workers or … >>>>>>>