Do what is possible

For about two weeks now lives the sports group. That’s me, and a handful of participants from our online group. We do one hour of sports every day, each as much as possible and does one good. After seven weeks, we evaluate the data and see whether it has brought … >>>>>>>


Many greetings from Biskirchen from the Gertrudisklinik! I have been here since Monday and will stay for three weeks in total.So over the holidays, but because I’m not necessarily the Christmas person, that’s OK – besides, it is here rich and elaborately decorated for Christmas. But it will be nice … >>>>>>>

Here we go – another stage

Here we go – another stage
Last week on Wednesday I received the mail that Biohaven considers me suitable to participate in the study.
As final start date we had agreed on the 23.07.20. So I am the last of our happy WhatsApp group to start the study, with a … >>>>>>>

A new chapter

Apparently, it’s time to add one or two more of my MSA’s capital.
Monday 14 days ago my sister, my nephew and I, after a guided eternity at home, went to the zoo.

The last time I was there with the boss and there I was already driven the last … >>>>>>>

Progress, setbacks

I’ve been in the „living group” in Hessen for a good three weeks now.

Such a move and “inventory through the own life” is without MSA already exhausting and stressful. Anyway, I am glad to have made it. Now I would not have the strength anymore. To the end I … >>>>>>>

To drive or not to drive

Third week in isolation. There I praise my social incontinence, but slowly the roof falls on my head. But that has only partly to do with this virus, it has mainly to do with MSA. For an independent person like me, it is difficult to think about every step. Just … >>>>>>>

Everything is spinning

I want to tell you what I found out after being busy with it and doing some research, why I sometimes feel particularly dizzy. Maybe someone else recognizes themselves here?

My research always leads me to the POTS. The term “postural tachycardia syndrome” (POTS) is common.

What is “POTS”?
It’s … >>>>>>>