About CoQ10

There is always a question about CoQ10. Doctors recommend it again and again, on the market there are a lot of different offers, it is very difficult to make a decision and the right product and dosage.

There are currently studies on CoQ10 and many good things are attributed to … >>>>>>>

Everything is spinning

I want to tell you what I found out after being busy with it and doing some research, why I sometimes feel particularly dizzy. Maybe someone else recognizes themselves here?

My research always leads me to the POTS. The term “postural tachycardia syndrome” (POTS) is common.

What is “POTS”?
It’s … >>>>>>>

Wash up 2019

I hope you all had a nice, relaxed Christmas and were happy with the Christ Child ?!

I didn’t see a Christmas market and my back and the weekly falls cost me a home game, several meetings, the stadium singing, cookies for everyone, the Christmas singing of dre90 and last … >>>>>>>

Like a dead horse

I woke up like every day. It’s clear to me that I need a little time to reach my “operating temperature”. Then I realized: Coffee is out…

The heat was foreseeable (it was still early) so I decided to water the garden. Then I went out into the garden and … >>>>>>>