Oh well, it’s just always something or Colonel Hati


The article has been half finished on the iPad for quite some time. Somehow I lacked
the muse, the time and I did not want to deal with me and MSA excuse.
And so I sit in front of the watch the EM final Italy against England.
And, no I don’t hold to either nation. I have to think of 2006 and how cool that summer was, apart from my torn inner ligament and the thick splint I wore for 6 weeks. In 3 years the European Championship is in Germany and sometimes I ask myself how I will experience it.
I often have to think of Mrs. S. Barbara and Catrin know who is meant.


And while co-commentator S.Wagner was quite delighted by the fast leading goal of the English, I thought such a drop kick goal has Rafael Czischos of 1. FC Cologne in the relegation against Holstein Kiel also shot and Immobile has also already lost against the Effzeh 2:1, with the BVB.

Otherwise I suffer from the changeable weather.
Is the one just over there is the next already before the door.
Meant is the heat – in Cologne and Cologne’s environs they also like to say et deut.
Now it’s time to drink, drink, drink and sleep with a fan.
Attic apartment, that’s all I have to say.
If you try to optimize a condition, it is usually at the expense of processes that usually still work quite well. If I sleep without a fan, the heat accumulates and makes me even lazier.
If you sleep a little more or don’t do so much, you get problems with your muscles.
The fan hits my vocal cords. And since I currently have problems with speech and speaking, which is also due to the hardened jaw and throat muscles, sometimes no sound comes out. In the App Store I found an app similar to a speech computer, but without eye control.

Due to the temperature regulation disorder and that I can almost no longer sweat, it generally accumulates quickly in the body. The side of the body that is below is usually extremely warm.
I never thought that I would become a big fan of Esemtan Gel (an acting and cooling gel). And every time I see water, whether it’s a river, lake, ocean or pool I have such a desire to jump in. In my mind I have even built devices that would help me to get out of the water again.


Running is also a thing that does not work so well.
After the first heat it still worked quite well to the music of Colonel Hati’s Frühpatroullie (Company A Song).
The power decreased with every day above 22 degrees.
I still had to go to Bonn for the final examination of the study and I’m now getting the medication in any case that was last week Tuesday and then it still worked quite well with the stairs and me. Especially when you consider that we left at 7:00 and returned at 18:30.

Thursday I wanted to the SPK change have only 7 steps managed, until 14.00 still rested on the platform and then an hour and much help needed until I was back in the chair.
I would like to apply for an electric stair climbing aid soon. A Scalacombi S36
Oh well, it’s just always something.




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