Suddenly swallowing is an important issue

Again and again I make the experience that things that used to run so incidentally and unconsciously, now become a use of force and conscious action. So walking and not even a meaningless turning around in bed remains unspectacular. This is how it has now become with swallowing. I notice … >>>>>>>

Is MSA messing with my mind?

I can’t stand it if I’m not taken for full due. I used to be a self-confident and active person, I have always made my own decisions, which makes me even more crazy when my mind is questioned. 

I know that the reduction can take place everywhere in the body, … >>>>>>>

MSA and Apps

Recently at PhysioTim .;-) I’ve been going to him for 6 years, he’s the only one that wasn’t replaced last summer. After he got an update about the last 3 months, we briefly discuss what would be good for me. It’s the back pain along with the heat that’s killing … >>>>>>>