Everything slows down

I took a look at how many posts we wrote a month in the beginning, and how many now… It’s getting less. Writing a post is becoming more and more time consuming, difficult and tedious. Meanwhile writing a post takes forever. I make many more mistakes when writing, which I … >>>>>>>

My sister not my nurse

The other day my sister said to me, when I denounced a wrinkle in the pad: “Jesus Christ, until one has you once in bed”.
Only to the correct assessment, we speak sometimes , something läppsch with each other, which makes many things easier.

Hardly pronounced, they all ran in … >>>>>>>

Like a baby only not so cute

When I move, I remind myself of a baby. I walk, stagger, like a toddler who has just learned to walk. When I move my hand, I am imprecise, I hamper myself. Quite often I overshoot the target, so if I want to scratch my nose, I may give myself … >>>>>>>

About CoQ10

There is always a question about CoQ10. Doctors recommend it again and again, on the market there are a lot of different offers, it is very difficult to make a decision and the right product and dosage.

There are currently studies on CoQ10 and many good things are attributed to … >>>>>>>

To accept?

I ask myself again and again the question whether one can accept this condition ever. Through conversations, the topic now comes up again. Others say, they have the effort to accept the disease to be able to close, to live on. One also takes help from psychologists, social workers or … >>>>>>>

Not obvious 

I live my everyday life, day in and day out. The highlights, the special moments consist of banalities, so in comparison to the past at least. In the past, the special moments were when I went surfing, went to a party, flew on vacation, went to my home country to … >>>>>>>

To accept what is

I have not been in touch for a while now. I am busy with setting up my new apartment, my new life. And I would have liked to train myself to the old level – which is unfortunately difficult. According to my study doctor, I haven’t changed much, but I … >>>>>>>

Resume after two years

Today is a day on which I would have gone jogging under normal circumstances. I remember the paths in the forest, where I jumped over tree trunks, puddles and slugs, the smell of moss and leaves, deer that I sometimes met and which then shyly sought the distance. The branches … >>>>>>>