Three weeks of therapy – a summary

So, I’m almost done here. All in all, I can say that the whole thing has not really brought me anything. If, then so much that I speak here more, get up earlier and eat regularly. Because of the pandemic, some activities were cancelled, such as swimming and singing. I … >>>>>>>

About Dysautonomia

Dysautonomia is something that catches all of us in the course of the disease. It can be confusing, it can be anything and in the symptom-variety you often do not know, what comes from the disease and what not. But it is a little bit like our body is a … >>>>>>>

What does science know about myoclonus?

Actually, we all have our problems and fears with this. To understand all this a little better, I have looked around. My information is based on American sources, so it may not be complete. Please feel free to make additions / corrections. The information is based on the pages of … >>>>>>>

Medicine for everybody

I often read that MSA can have autonomic, cerebellar, pyramidal and extrapyramidal symptoms. It’s time for me to get into these pyramidal things, I didn’t know about them before and the topic was always too scientific for me. But I stumble over again and again to ignore it. As … >>>>>>>

Stress in neurological diseases

There are research studies that suggest that stress has a negative influence on neurological diseases. Stress increases damage to dopamine cells, which in turn leads to more severe symptoms. Acute stress most likely worsens motor symptoms, which include bradykinesia, freezing and trembling.

What is stress; it is emotional or physical … >>>>>>>