I wanted to tell you about my trip… First of all, I am incredibly grateful to my AWO caregiver for making this trip with me, because I couldn’t have done it alone. And second, what you see up there in the picture is my former route to work. I drove … >>>>>>>

Travel plans

I am making preparations. I’m going to Bavaria tomorrow and I’m very happy. I was never homesick, for example when I left my birthplace, but I am now. Although I can say that I already have quite good here in Hessen, I have met some great people. And some strange … >>>>>>>

At the sea

I’ve been on holiday now for a couple of days, on the Baltic Sea. At that time I only heard “sea” and said YES. After my diagnosis I am at the Baltic Sea for the first time, that was also on my “Bucket List”. Unfortunately, it has little to do … >>>>>>>


At the end of the year I visited my father. Drive up to Budapest (the ones who doesn’t know, I am Hungarian-born), by Flixbus (at night) and then continue with my nephew by car. However, I was very exhausted, but I am good at “pinching my ass together”. Before that, … >>>>>>>

The new Luigi!

Since one week you are now with me and even if you are missing something here and there, you are still a highlight!

It was a Thursday when we took you out of the pot into the Rhineland ? and even the sun was shining!

At 12:30 Marga , Melanie … >>>>>>>

Travel with MSA

I am in Canada now for a few days! Seeing the Ocean, was on my bucket list, besides I have two cousins with family here and my godchild whom I haven’t seen for over 30 years now, you can say it’s since the baptism. She’s became a pretty young woman … >>>>>>>