About Marion

My name is Marion, I was born in Cologne and am a specialist nurse for anaesthesia and intensive care! Also a practice assistant for basal stimulation!     

I dive and photograph gladly and have a season ticket for the here local (now again) Bundesliga club! “Come on effzeh!” My whole duty roster was based to 80% on the matchdays of the effzeh. Up to now there have been at least 3 away matches per season. Does not sound now so much, more usually did not go. #Weekend service! ? .  

In the “glorious” season 17/18 I was allowed to experience 4 of 6 European Cup matches live in the stadium. I would wish that my club would really step on the gas, for another European Cup season. My photographic highlight was the game 1.FC Cologne : Herta BSC, which I was allowed to photograph from the press ditch. 1733 pictures in 120 min!

My heart is not only attached to 1.FC Cologne but also to the city of Cologne. We are so wonderfully imperfect:-)   I am gladly, with and without my camera, in Cologne on the way! But not only in Cologne were/are we two (the camera and me) on the way. No, we both saw a lot from the rest of the world, too. Underwater and above water! My diving equipment, even if it doesn’t fit at the moment, I gave to my station nurse (in the further process only affectionately called “boss”). To sell, no I am not ready yet!                                                  

The way to the diagnosis MSA was mighty stony and during the summer 2018.

I fell over, due to pronounced hypotonic phases (low blood pressure) up to 3 times per day, was enormously unsteady!  The medications, which I had taken based on the suspected diagnosis M. Parkinson’s did not help. I am very grateful that my sister went to the stadium with me or that friends met with me and my “Effortil” bottle and endured my stubbornness! My favourite words were: all well, don’t panic! And no, the rescue is not necessary!

I started to read more about Parkinson’s Syndrome and got scared for the first time.

In November I was admitted to university and after 12 days I was discharged with a suspected diagnosis of MSA-P! I read even more, changed the neurologist, the therapists and with my new GP I can say today that I am now well positioned.

My sister, my nephew and niece together with they partner support me great! We have opened a WG! My friends go swimming with me and walk around the “Decksteiner Weiher”. Usually we also eat something at the “Geißbockheim” (home of the formerly glorious 1.FC köln). With Alex and Jessica I will go to Holland soon. A gift from my station – if only this sh… illness wasn’t there.

Marion passed away on 8/18/2022.
I feel, especially here, alone here without her, and I miss her very much.