I have been living in isolation for quite some time now, but I must honestly say that this does not affect me that much. I’m going out 10% less than before, so what. We’ve talked enough about this virus and quarantine, it’s getting to be a habit now. People can’t … >>>>>>>

Day 7 in isolation

The current situation is very challenging. I’m lucky to be able to tolerate the ghosting relatively well. I live in complete isolation for a week now, what about those who suffer from not being able to see their relatives.

I haven’t been going out for a week, PT, ergo does … >>>>>>>

In quarantine with MSA

We all go through special times. We’re all concerned. The difference is that this situation makes our situation with MSA, even more difficult. For a human being, the probability of dying from corona virus is 4%, the probability of dying from MSA is 100%.

All hospitals are now putting everything … >>>>>>>

The importance of toilet paper

I’m a little overwhelmed with this Corona madness. Of course one should not take it carelessly – especially we MSA-sick people – but also not fall into hysteria. Somehow I can’t listen to it anymore, because through all channels one is bombarded with this one topic, almost only with this.… >>>>>>>