Emergency room

The day before yesterday was the day. First time in the emergency room. Urinary retention. I guess it was a coincidence that I saw urologist about two weeks ago and we figured out self-catheterization. The urologist thinks it’s also a good way to postpone a permanent catheter, because he says, … >>>>>>>

Rehab and Derby Winner

On 10.02 I go to Bischofswiesen for rehab. The invitation came unexpectedly and pulled a lot of bureaucracy behind it.here a phone call (KV, KlinIk, HA, neurologist, Ergo, DB ect) there an order (medical supply store, pharmacy) and where I just do not speak so understandable. Too fast, too high … >>>>>>>

MSA patients are stubborn(?)

I read a forum post the other day where relatives were complaining about how stubborn their patients are. Then I thought about myself, yes I am stubborn too.

In the forum someone had complained that the father refuses to “pee in the bottle” and that is why he falls on … >>>>>>>

What do i get where. Part1

The You came on a Thursday and after I realized that I would not get even with you I wished for someone to tell me where to go.
Now I’m not a private patient of the alliance insurance (which has someone on the side) but only a patient of the … >>>>>>>

A new chapter

Apparently, it’s time to add one or two more of my MSA’s capital.
Monday 14 days ago my sister, my nephew and I, after a guided eternity at home, went to the zoo.

The last time I was there with the boss and there I was already driven the last … >>>>>>>

At the sea

I’ve been on holiday now for a couple of days, on the Baltic Sea. At that time I only heard “sea” and said YES. After my diagnosis I am at the Baltic Sea for the first time, that was also on my “Bucket List”. Unfortunately, it has little to do … >>>>>>>


I have been living in isolation for quite some time now, but I must honestly say that this does not affect me that much. I’m going out 10% less than before, so what. We’ve talked enough about this virus and quarantine, it’s getting to be a habit now. People can’t … >>>>>>>

Socially responsible Shopping


In my previous life, I was very fond of shopping. So not shopping, but shopping. I was always up to date on what was new in the candy department. I find new supermarkets totally exciting. I can spend some time in the international department and browse around there. And … >>>>>>>

A night out

I know that many people have their hair stood on end from the idea of going to a concert with multi system atrophy, with several thousand others – especially not to a concert by Lindemann, who is known as a provocateur anyway. And this time he did honor his name … >>>>>>>