Not obvious 

I live my everyday life, day in and day out. The highlights, the special moments consist of banalities, so in comparison to the past at least. In the past, the special moments were when I went surfing, went to a party, flew on vacation, went to my home country to … >>>>>>>

To accept what is

I have not been in touch for a while now. I am busy with setting up my new apartment, my new life. And I would have liked to train myself to the old level – which is unfortunately difficult. According to my study doctor, I haven’t changed much, but I … >>>>>>>

MSA patients are stubborn(?)

I read a forum post the other day where relatives were complaining about how stubborn their patients are. Then I thought about myself, yes I am stubborn too.

In the forum someone had complained that the father refuses to “pee in the bottle” and that is why he falls on … >>>>>>>

How I move…

…now depends on many factors. How did I sleep, the weather, did I drink enough (and I don’t mean alcohol), how strong are my back pains, were the last days physically exhausting ?

In another life I have always liked to walk, I have never been a runner rather a … >>>>>>>

Socially responsible Shopping


In my previous life, I was very fond of shopping. So not shopping, but shopping. I was always up to date on what was new in the candy department. I find new supermarkets totally exciting. I can spend some time in the international department and browse around there. And … >>>>>>>

Trappen in endless slow motion

Trappen in endless slow motion…

…that’s what I feel like now. Especially this morning when I was spooning my breakfast egg and it took forever for the spoon to work its way through the egg and recharge it. Sometimes I feel the same when I get out of the car!… >>>>>>>

First week at home

What I was looking forward to, on my own bed, standing in the kitchen myself and cooking or baking something. The three Cats, other TV programs except Kabel1 and Vox, on real Wireless, LTE, Cologne and much more.
But what was ahead of me in this first week, holy shit … >>>>>>>