When it allmost went to Hamburg


A birthday was coming up. The sister became one year older. Thinking was called for! Effzeh voucher, favorite scent … has already been given to others. Musical or concert tickets rather difficult #Corona or Is not her thing.
Your enlightenment came on a Monday at 17.30 o’clock. A visit … >>>>>>>

To drive or not to drive

Third week in isolation. There I praise my social incontinence, but slowly the roof falls on my head. But that has only partly to do with this virus, it has mainly to do with MSA. For an independent person like me, it is difficult to think about every step. Just … >>>>>>>

That has Not be my week

This has not been my week.

I’m hanging in there a little bit. Thursday night I watched one or two specials on the State of the Union. and I had to drink a tear or two. When it was said that care was the key to overcoming the crisis, academics … >>>>>>>

The privilege of being disabled

After my diagnosis, I got ridiculous 40 disabled points, which is almost nothing. That means kind of 300 Euro tax advantage in a year, or something like that. I really have to shake my head, I have an incurable disease, my life feels like a carousel ride in my head … >>>>>>>