Trappen in endless slow motion

Trappen in endless slow motion…

…that’s what I feel like now. Especially this morning when I was spooning my breakfast egg and it took forever for the spoon to work its way through the egg and recharge it. Sometimes I feel the same when I get out of the car!… >>>>>>>

Like a dead horse

I woke up like every day. It’s clear to me that I need a little time to reach my “operating temperature”. Then I realized: Coffee is out…

The heat was foreseeable (it was still early) so I decided to water the garden. Then I went out into the garden and … >>>>>>>

Lucky I’m not Asian

I just made dinner. Fish fillet with boiled potatoes. It became clear to me that I am not as elegant with knife and fork as I used to be.

And when I opened my cutlery drawer and saw my chopsticks it became clear to me that I can give them … >>>>>>>