About CoQ10

There is always a question about CoQ10. Doctors recommend it again and again, on the market there are a lot of different offers, it is very difficult to make a decision and the right product and dosage.

There are currently studies on CoQ10 and many good things are attributed to … >>>>>>>

Brocade cushions and other aids

Brocade cushions and other aids
The other day I read another post where the patient/family refused a permanent catheter, but the affected patient was at serious risk of falling.
Why is this so? Why risk a fall where I could break who knows what? I can understand why people are … >>>>>>>

Like a dead horse

I woke up like every day. It’s clear to me that I need a little time to reach my “operating temperature”. Then I realized: Coffee is out…

The heat was foreseeable (it was still early) so I decided to water the garden. Then I went out into the garden and … >>>>>>>