A man goes when he wants to go

Our paths crossed for a sad reason. And we spent too little time together.

You always had a kind word for all of us. For that I am now a little wordless.

Through you we learned how it is to go when one likes to go.

You broke the ice … >>>>>>>

You are missing

The whole thing started with the diagnosis, first came Marion, that was the birth of this blog. Then came quite quickly Manuela, Heide, Sandra… and then the WhatsApp group was founded. We cried, we complained, we dreamed and hoped, we shared our thoughts on how to cope with this unspeakable … >>>>>>>


We only knew each other for a short time, but our illness connected us. I arrived here, at my new home, you were already there. You didn’t have the same thing as me, but your illness punished you, just like mine punished me.

A few days passed  before you accepted … >>>>>>>