How are you?

Currently I am dealing a lot with pain. Primarily out of my own need and distress. Almost daily people ask me how I am and I have several problems with that. Often I answer the question with a general “As always”. But often the question is not meant superficially at … >>>>>>>

To accept what is

I have not been in touch for a while now. I am busy with setting up my new apartment, my new life. And I would have liked to train myself to the old level – which is unfortunately difficult. According to my study doctor, I haven’t changed much, but I … >>>>>>>

What do i get where. Part1

The You came on a Thursday and after I realized that I would not get even with you I wished for someone to tell me where to go.
Now I’m not a private patient of the alliance insurance (which has someone on the side) but only a patient of the … >>>>>>>

Why I am not a good walker!

It’s Sunday night, the referee has just blown the whistle for the last game!
My club got the first point and got well into the game in the 2 half time. It is not all lost yet. 🐐🐐🐐
I already have the first Christmas present.
If it wasn’t for this … >>>>>>>

Brocade cushions and other aids

Brocade cushions and other aids
The other day I read another post where the patient/family refused a permanent catheter, but the affected patient was at serious risk of falling.
Why is this so? Why risk a fall where I could break who knows what? I can understand why people are … >>>>>>>

Camptocormia and what else is on my minds

Today is World Down’s Day. To draw attention to it, one should wear two different socks. Actually, I should be sitting in the MĂŒngersdorfer Stadium with my 2 different socks to see the glorious effzeh win. Actually! Actually I am sitting in my armchair and watching forever soccer – The … >>>>>>>

Wash up 2019

I hope you all had a nice, relaxed Christmas and were happy with the Christ Child ?!

I didn’t see a Christmas market and my back and the weekly falls cost me a home game, several meetings, the stadium singing, cookies for everyone, the Christmas singing of dre90 and last … >>>>>>>