Life despite MSA – E Cannonball E Autorallye

Before the illness, we had great fun in classic car rallies. Kim was a great co-driver in these, and teasing sports cars with twice as much power (and 10 times the value) during tempo passages with a hopelessly unsporting vehicle was a thieving joy. Driving, first with oldtimers, then youngtimers, up to the company cars – and thus 40 years of private, as well as professional life as a petrolhead – I had to give up and then give Kim the participation in a not so small electric car rally. If you can be fast with a conceivably unsporty classic car, you can also be efficient with a sporty e-car. The rally took place on September 24. I was very afraid I would not last. Especially because my walking ability at last <10 meters delay, I can hardly concentrate for a couple of hours and long car rides get to me. The arrival and departure alone were 700 km each and partly done after a working day. But my condition is not getting better.

Our strategy for the rally: not to move the car in a proper way for once, to use efficiencies and to see that we shorten the distance wherever possible. With a laptop, an internal battery, 2 cell phones and the built-in sat nav against teams from Audi, Kia, VOX/Porsche and VW with factory support and some prototypes. Yes, it was exhausting, we were on the road for a fast 500km – partly on dirt roads – and took 12 hours. We were already exhausted the evening before.

Only when we arrived at the evening event, table neighbors told us that the results were already online. The battery is just enough for a first look, we were right in front. Then a second look and we had slipped to 2nd place and then the battery of the cell phone was empty. After dinnerthe award ceremony started. The first place winner was the host of a TV show and drove outside the competition. In addition, he was only one evaluation point ahead of us. He had read our vehicle data directly after our test during a special test and thus gained an advantage. On 16.10.22 VOX reported on this rally at 5:00pm.

When almost all places were honored, we were suddenly called as winners of the royal class. I barely made it to the stage, had difficulty speaking and was suddenly given the microphone in front of my nose.
After – for my person – only a few words, Kim then took over the speaking in your charming way and got a lot of response. This gave another adrenaline rush, but were again not the Party Animals, but fell like death into bed.

Even if we could sleep in, the next day a lot of traffic, bad weather, 700 km of driving, an exhausting week and repeatedly broken charging stations waited in front of us/Kim. Be that as it may, would not be a relaxing weekend even without MSA. Just because I left all the driving and a lot of support from Kim, because I do without a walker, although I would need it long ago. Thanks Kim, that you went along with it. This rally was a gift for you, but the surprise victory, forgetting the MSA and the many new contacts were worth it.

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