At the sea

I’ve been on holiday now for a couple of days, on the Baltic Sea. At that time I only heard “sea” and said YES. After my diagnosis I am at the Baltic Sea for the first time, that was also on my “Bucket List”. Unfortunately, it has little to do … >>>>>>>

How I move…

…now depends on many factors. How did I sleep, the weather, did I drink enough (and I don’t mean alcohol), how strong are my back pains, were the last days physically exhausting ?

In another life I have always liked to walk, I have never been a runner rather a … >>>>>>>


We only knew each other for a short time, but our illness connected us. I arrived here, at my new home, you were already there. You didn’t have the same thing as me, but your illness punished you, just like mine punished me.

A few days passed  before you accepted … >>>>>>>

Everyday life

I have no idea whether my condition comes from the removal/change,  or from MSA. I am somehow out of rhythm, I have fears for the future, questions, concerns, I am listless, do significantly less activities then before, accordingly my symptoms are worse.

But there is good news. I was at … >>>>>>>

I call it MSA breathing

And while I’m typing this here and the Effzeh is playing against the glittering city in the city duel, it happens again, nothing dramatic but it can get you into embarrassing situations.
The inspirational sigh.
It is one of the characteristics that speak for an MSA. Mostly we only sigh … >>>>>>>

Progress, setbacks

I’ve been in the „living group” in Hessen for a good three weeks now.

Such a move and “inventory through the own life” is without MSA already exhausting and stressful. Anyway, I am glad to have made it. Now I would not have the strength anymore. To the end I … >>>>>>>

New home

I have been in my new home for a few days already. I am very happy that I have survived the removal and the sorting out well and that it is over now. I am very grateful to my friend and landlady that I was allowed to live in my … >>>>>>>


I have been living in isolation for quite some time now, but I must honestly say that this does not affect me that much. I’m going out 10% less than before, so what. We’ve talked enough about this virus and quarantine, it’s getting to be a habit now. People can’t … >>>>>>>