Why I am not a good walker!

It’s Sunday night, the referee has just blown the whistle for the last game!
My club got the first point and got well into the game in the 2 half time. It is not all lost yet. 🐐🐐🐐
I already have the first Christmas present.
If it wasn’t for this … >>>>>>>

Stress in neurological diseases

There are research studies that suggest that stress has a negative influence on neurological diseases. Stress increases damage to dopamine cells, which in turn leads to more severe symptoms. Acute stress most likely worsens motor symptoms, which include bradykinesia, freezing and trembling.

What is stress; it is emotional or physical … >>>>>>>

Brocade cushions and other aids

Brocade cushions and other aids
The other day I read another post where the patient/family refused a permanent catheter, but the affected patient was at serious risk of falling.
Why is this so? Why risk a fall where I could break who knows what? I can understand why people are … >>>>>>>

Is MSA messing with my mind?

I can’t stand it if I’m not taken for full due. I used to be a self-confident and active person, I have always made my own decisions, which makes me even more crazy when my mind is questioned. 

I know that the reduction can take place everywhere in the body, … >>>>>>>


Since I have participated in this trial, I observe myself differently. Now I am afraid of any deterioration, because it would (probably) mean placebo.

In general it is very difficult to say whether I feel better or worse, because it is determined by the shape of the day and the … >>>>>>>