The horror symptom

Each one of us has his/her horror symptom. Mine is antecollis. And I am sure I am not alone. For that reason, I want to know how it comes about and what I can do about it.

Antecollis is the term used to describe excessive forward flexion of the neck … >>>>>>>

Not obvious 

I live my everyday life, day in and day out. The highlights, the special moments consist of banalities, so in comparison to the past at least. In the past, the special moments were when I went surfing, went to a party, flew on vacation, went to my home country to … >>>>>>>

To accept what is

I have not been in touch for a while now. I am busy with setting up my new apartment, my new life. And I would have liked to train myself to the old level – which is unfortunately difficult. According to my study doctor, I haven’t changed much, but I … >>>>>>>

Resume after two years

Today is a day on which I would have gone jogging under normal circumstances. I remember the paths in the forest, where I jumped over tree trunks, puddles and slugs, the smell of moss and leaves, deer that I sometimes met and which then shyly sought the distance. The branches … >>>>>>>

What does science know about myoclonus?

Actually, we all have our problems and fears with this. To understand all this a little better, I have looked around. My information is based on American sources, so it may not be complete. Please feel free to make additions / corrections. The information is based on the pages of … >>>>>>>

Rehab and Derby Winner

On 10.02 I go to Bischofswiesen for rehab. The invitation came unexpectedly and pulled a lot of bureaucracy behind a phone call (KV, KlinIk, HA, neurologist, Ergo, DB ect) there an order (medical supply store, pharmacy) and where I just do not speak so understandable. Too fast, too high … >>>>>>>

Again a move

I have not been in touch for a while – I was busy! I am – unbelievable but true – moved. It was planned differently and yet it turned out otherwise. I can recommend such a thing to you all, it distracts wonderfully from MSA. Okay, I could have saved … >>>>>>>