My sister not my nurse

The other day my sister said to me, when I denounced a wrinkle in the pad: “Jesus Christ, until one has you once in bed”.
Only to the correct assessment, we speak sometimes , something läppsch with each other, which makes many things easier.

Hardly pronounced, they all ran in … >>>>>>>

My way

This is a topic that is rarely talked about, at this point as a warning to all, if you want to read on – it is about one’s own death and it is about active euthanasia.

There are many people who reject such a thing. If you have a partner, … >>>>>>>

Like a baby only not so cute

When I move, I remind myself of a baby. I walk, stagger, like a toddler who has just learned to walk. When I move my hand, I am imprecise, I hamper myself. Quite often I overshoot the target, so if I want to scratch my nose, I may give myself … >>>>>>>

Emergency room

The day before yesterday was the day. First time in the emergency room. Urinary retention. I guess it was a coincidence that I saw urologist about two weeks ago and we figured out self-catheterization. The urologist thinks it’s also a good way to postpone a permanent catheter, because he says, … >>>>>>>

About CoQ10

There is always a question about CoQ10. Doctors recommend it again and again, on the market there are a lot of different offers, it is very difficult to make a decision and the right product and dosage.

There are currently studies on CoQ10 and many good things are attributed to … >>>>>>>

You are missing

The whole thing started with the diagnosis, first came Marion, that was the birth of this blog. Then came quite quickly Manuela, Heide, Sandra… and then the WhatsApp group was founded. We cried, we complained, we dreamed and hoped, we shared our thoughts on how to cope with this unspeakable … >>>>>>>

Hope dies last

Since yesterday my trial is over. When I think back how much we expected in the beginning and what hopes we had!
Now one year is over and I have no idea if it was placebo or not? And whether the drug is doing any good at all. In the … >>>>>>>