MSA patients are stubborn(?)

I read a forum post the other day where relatives were complaining about how stubborn their patients are. Then I thought about myself, yes I am stubborn too.

In the forum someone had complained that the father refuses to “pee in the bottle” and that is why he falls on … >>>>>>>

You have shared a memory

Yesterday, 3 years ago, my sister and I were in Belgrade for what was probably the last appearance of our Effzeh in Europe. 

And tomorrow it will be two years ago that my new neurologist spoke the “magic” 3 words: “You have MSA”! In between there is 1 year.
But … >>>>>>>

Back, Right, Left


A beautiful St. Nicholas Day to all of you 🎅 And 2nd Advent
I often read that caring relatives ask for tips on suctioning or other care tips, that patients are concerned about whether it is part of the clinical picture to no longer be able to roll around … >>>>>>>

What do i get where. Part1

The You came on a Thursday and after I realized that I would not get even with you I wished for someone to tell me where to go.
Now I’m not a private patient of the alliance insurance (which has someone on the side) but only a patient of the … >>>>>>>