A new chapter

Apparently, it’s time to add one or two more of my MSA’s capital.
Monday 14 days ago my sister, my nephew and I, after a guided eternity at home, went to the zoo.

The last time I was there with the boss and there I was already driven the last … >>>>>>>

How I move…

…now depends on many factors. How did I sleep, the weather, did I drink enough (and I don’t mean alcohol), how strong are my back pains, were the last days physically exhausting ?

In another life I have always liked to walk, I have never been a runner rather a … >>>>>>>

Trappen in endless slow motion

Trappen in endless slow motion…

…that’s what I feel like now. Especially this morning when I was spooning my breakfast egg and it took forever for the spoon to work its way through the egg and recharge it. Sometimes I feel the same when I get out of the car!… >>>>>>>

Pain or no pain

I’ve read that a lot: there’s no pain in MSA. At least, I thought so. I have suffered from pain before, which was very strong and I was relieved to read that.

In the meantime I know from countless forum entries, from well-known MSA patient reports and from my own … >>>>>>>

I did it!

I celebrate every time I can still do it myself: Cutting the grass. The problems will start, I think, if I can’t do it myself. That’s the advantage of living alone. If I had a man, he would say “Leave it baby, I’ll do it”. And I would watch lemonade … >>>>>>>