What do i get where. Part1

The You came on a Thursday and after I realized that I would not get even with you I wished for someone to tell me where to go.
Now I’m not a private patient of the alliance insurance (which has someone on the side) but only a patient of the Barmer. Then you hear something here and there and google yourself through the big wide world of the WWW!
This is now my modest attempt to summarize what rights and duties one has with the diagnosis MSA. These are my personal experiences . About additions I would be pleased!
– what went fastest with me was the thing with the degree of care. A phone call to the health insurance company, application sent, filled out and sent back and after 10 days the lady was there for a conversation.
Be authentic, if you have been prescribed support stockings, of course they have to be on your legs that day. Of course the rollator, if prescribed, belongs to your side as well as your care.
After another 4 days, the notification arrived and the money was on the account, retroactively from the day of the application.
In addition to your monthly care allowance, 125 Euro per month will be saved where you can finance a personal assistance or a cleaning person ect from

With the degree of care you get the right to
– a free home emergency call
– the toilet key valid throughout Europe for 25€
– a care set in the value of 40€ (depending on Bed. Gloves, finger cots, aprons,
Disposable bed pads, skin and surface disinfectants.
– 4000€ for living space adaptation. Conversion of the bathroom, the doors etc. Also the move into a home is subsidized with the money.
(under certain circumstances the amount will be granted again, after an increase of the degree of care)

A little more complicated is the severely disabled pass.
I’m not exactly the hero when it comes to filing applications or the like, I’m afraid of ticking off something wrong. One must become then member and pays with the first time 60 €, because one is not yet so long member. And findings, with the Landrat they love findings. I think in my first year after diagnosis I copied half a tree.
However, I did not pay attention to what she ticked and out came GdB 70% with the mark B and G.
Besides the tax advantages and the fact that you can travel across Germany for free with the regional train (the token costs 80€). Alternative is 50% saving on the car tax!

Other privileges of the zoo attendance over in and stepping out assistance with the course. up to the car purchase (with the manufacturer) one finds on the respective homepage. I would like to praise my club where I have to pay 50% on the membership and 120:€ less for my season ticket. #parking space #media entrance.
But actually I wanted to have the blue parking ticket, because at that time I could still drive a car, even if the walking was not optimal. Which means that I need 80% and the marks B and aG…
I got the tip to get a wheelchair prescription. Said – done! A copy of the prescription and a letter from the family doctor/neurologist about the aggravation request, through the VDK, attached and during the 1st lockdown on a Tuesday he came to the notice about the blue parking ticket. 💪🏼Yes! It only took 14 months, but the tuppes from the office were terrific, claiming 80% and B and aG! would not be enough. I felt like the quartet §229 SGB. IX proposes the road traffic regulations,.💪🏼Strike

A Terratrainer
…you get from the health insurance company, you don’t have to buy an exercise bike. Prescription of the neurologist or family doctor holen.schön would be it, if on the prescription such a thing stands for the maintenance of the present mobility satatus.
Give your trust to the medical supply store.
With me it was so that I got a part first to the sample. After the trial constellation, the physio department, the neurologist and the family doctor wrote a small 4 line item and sent it to the cash desk. Since I requested the whole over the turn of the year last year it took some time.
It works similarly with an IPPB device for respiratory therapy.
I got my prescription from the hospital, so the lady from the social service got it together. And whoever now thinks that it will be easier or faster now.
Fiddlesticks .
Because the Löwenstein device was too expensive, a cheaper version had to be found first. The coworker the equipment set up and the inauguration to make should, was far from the title Ersteinweiser.

In the Free State of Bavaria you can’t get an orange parking aid but it is the only state in Germany that pays for the maintenance of the landscape even if the man is not blind or deaf.

Another small tip from the urological department.
If you often have to fight with cystitis, you should ask your urologist for a vaccination
There are currently two different vaccination options: an injection (“StroVac”) or capsules (“Uro-Vaxom”).
For recurring cystitis, the health insurance company pays.

LSVT Big therapy is also recommended
LSVT BIG therapy can be prescribed by neurologists, internists, orthopedic specialists or even family doctors
If you want to know more about LSVT, look here:

http://www.lsvt.de/lsvt-big/wie-wird-lsvt-big-verordnet/oder here::

So more does not occur to me first of all a .asking humans is helped here ( marion@leben-mit-msa.de ) and for additions is asked.
To be continued
I wish you a peaceful pre-Christmas season.

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