Dentist visit

I recently had a visit to the dentist. It is never a pleasure and as the disease progresses it becomes more and more difficult.

My dentist had MSA in the family, so he knows what to look out for.

Regular visits to the dentist are important for all of us. … >>>>>>>

In times like these

This report comes from my brain, adapted from the report of Dr. Lawrence I. Golbe, eminent clinician, head of the science department at CurePSP, USA.

Grade is a non plus ultra topic and vaccinating or not vaccinating is dividing the nation. I know I am not making friends with my … >>>>>>>

Stress in neurological diseases

There are research studies that suggest that stress has a negative influence on neurological diseases. Stress increases damage to dopamine cells, which in turn leads to more severe symptoms. Acute stress most likely worsens motor symptoms, which include bradykinesia, freezing and trembling.

What is stress; it is emotional or physical … >>>>>>>

In quarantine with MSA

We all go through special times. We’re all concerned. The difference is that this situation makes our situation with MSA, even more difficult. For a human being, the probability of dying from corona virus is 4%, the probability of dying from MSA is 100%.

All hospitals are now putting everything … >>>>>>>

Socially responsible Shopping


In my previous life, I was very fond of shopping. So not shopping, but shopping. I was always up to date on what was new in the candy department. I find new supermarkets totally exciting. I can spend some time in the international department and browse around there. And … >>>>>>>