Marta’s journey to Bavaria

Hello dear ones,
I got in touch with Malteser to make it possible for Marta to travel to Bavaria once again, to the place where she loved to be and where her bench is today – in Stegen am Ammersee, not far from the pier.
The Malteser have a “Heart’s Desire Ambulance” and use it to bring seriously ill people to their desired destination. Now we have actually got the promise! At the beginning of October it is probably so far (in Munich is before Octoberfest) and Marta goes on the journey to Bavaria! Klaus and I will expect her at the Ammersee. We will get the exact date in the next week.
I am really looking forward to it! Who does not live too far away, and can and likes is cordially invited to come! I will keep you informed about the date. Until then, Silvia

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  1. Dear Silvia,
    is there already a date? Because you wrote it will be beginning of October. Or do you mean beginning of November?
    I hope that I can make it possible to come too!! ?

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