Camptocormia and what else is on my minds

Today is World Down’s Day. To draw attention to it, one should wear two different socks. Actually, I should be sitting in the Müngersdorfer Stadium with my 2 different socks to see the glorious effzeh win. Actually! Actually I am sitting in my armchair and watching forever soccer – The … >>>>>>>

The curse of a rare disease

By chance I’ve been left without a doctor. My family doctor has unfortunately passed away, my neurologist on maternity leave and my home hospital is closing the “Neurology” department. In addition to that my physiotherapist is also gone and I get a new one, recently my very dedicated speech therapist … >>>>>>>

How time goes by

I haven’t had a computer for almost a month now. That is the reason for my absence. Typing on my mobile phone is a great exercise, but I couldn’t and didn’t wanted to write a whole article on it. So I read Marion’s articles diligently and dedicated myself to everyday … >>>>>>>

The privilege of being disabled

After my diagnosis, I got ridiculous 40 disabled points, which is almost nothing. That means kind of 300 Euro tax advantage in a year, or something like that. I really have to shake my head, I have an incurable disease, my life feels like a carousel ride in my head … >>>>>>>