A new chapter

Apparently, it’s time to add one or two more of my MSA’s capital.
Monday 14 days ago my sister, my nephew and I, after a guided eternity at home, went to the zoo.

The last time I was there with the boss and there I was already driven the last 500m, because nothing went. So this time it happened: I called the zoo and reserved a wheelchair. This works without problems in the Cologne Zoo and costs nothing but should now really be the time when I have to take a seat in a wheelchair? I do not want that ! On the other hand, if I do, I have to stay at home – no, I don’t want that either! So what to do?
I have pushed the wheelchair about 1/3 of the way through the zoo, which is not really easy. So about height, radius of action and so on. Shortly before the lions I took a seat in the wheelchair, because it was not possible anymore. It did not feel good! You can’t lean back comfortably, so I can’t! The first stage is pushed by my sister and for both of us
it is funny and for her of course also exhausting to do so, because I am still not an elf. And in this part of the zoo it’s always going uphill. For my sister it was the first time she pushed a wheelchair and she had, something like respect for the thing. Brakes, sidewalk up and down.
When we arrived at the elephant house, the wheelchair and I were handed over to my nephew. From then on, I practically drove by myself…
…down the hill!

Once you sit in it, you realize how dependent you suddenly are and that you have to have confidence in the abilities of your “pusher”! And how little you have thought about wheelchair users, in terms of free view. Then you stand in front of the bull pen and all you see are flowers.

It was a great day, even though we couldn’t visit my sister’s godfather, the short-clawed viper. The Tropical House and the Ape House are still closed.
I was pretty tired at the end of the day but I still had to get to the parking garage to get to my car, which turned out to be a difficult and exhausting rest section.
I have to plan the next visit to the zoo differently. I have to plan my next visit to the zoo in a different way.

I also found a 2in1 Rollator/Wheelchair in the internet! And after sleeping on it twice, I can call such a part my own!

Yesterday it arrived and keeps all its promises. With 2 steps you can turn a rollator into a wheelchair.
I had only little influence on the colour, but at least it is not green ūüėé
And no, the register doesn’t give anything. But nobody said that being 8chronically ill is cheap!


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