Many greetings from Biskirchen from the Gertrudisklinik! I have been here since Monday and will stay for three weeks in total.So over the holidays, but because I’m not necessarily the Christmas person, that’s OK – besides, it is here rich and elaborately decorated for Christmas. But it will be nice and quiet over the holidays, many are already leaving, and many of the staff are going on vacation.

That I am here right now was not intended. I couldn’t come here because of my trial, because you are not allowed to change your medication during the trial, and that wouldn’t make sense here. Unfortunately, my trial was fruitless, so I ended it a bit early and that’s why I’m here now.

So here it is nice and countryside, if there would be snow, it would be a winter wonderland. The doctors and staff are very courteous, attentive, helpful and competent. I am currently the only MSA patient here and probably also the youngest patient, the rest are Parkinson’s patients here, average age rather over seventy, many accompanied by partners. I am already used to being alone. At least I have made some nice acquaintances in the meantime. The food is excellent (that being said of me means a lot!), the rooms are large and spacious.

I often compare this with the rehab two years ago. I really notice now how much worse I have become. At home, in the everyday routine, it goes under. Two years ago I still went there alone by train (from Munich to Konstanz at Lake Bodensee), that would be impossible now. In the meantime, I can’t take a step without a rollator. The last year has certainly contributed to the condition, in this residential group, where one could not leave the house practically alone. I walk much more here than at home. Going from one treatment to another or to the restaurant. Quite long distances here, easily 200 meters in one direction, which is already a big challenge for me. One area is also a bit sloped, which is the horror for me. A healthy person would not notice that at all. I was offered, a helper can push me from A to B in a wheelchair, but I prefer to do without. I could also take my meals in a room, I prefer to torture myself in the restaurant, there I have to make more effort to behave adequately, not to break anything, not to spill and to pour my water into the glass and not beside it. I hope the suffering brings something, let yourself go, is certainly not beneficial. Two years ago I was allowed to work out on the machines and use the swimming pool without supervision, now all that is no longer possible. On the way I am eloquently passed by people who are 20 years older than me. When we slurp out from group gymnastics, it looks like the zombie apocalypse….

But the point is that after three weeks here I feel better than before. My goal is to remain mobile for as long as possible and to be resilient a little better. Medications are being tried now. Until now I have refused to take anything, but my suffering pressure is now too great. Levodopa test was made three years ago, at that time without result, however, at that time my symptoms were still quite mild. Maybe it was not noticeable? Now I am going to try it again, I am being given a high dosage, but I don’t notice anything yet. Let’s hope that it brings something. Other patients here are all satisfied and with everyone it has brought something.

The movement here is already worth something.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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