You have shared a memory

Yesterday, 3 years ago, my sister and I were in Belgrade for what was probably the last appearance of our Effzeh in Europe. 

And tomorrow it will be two years ago that my new neurologist spoke the “magic” 3 words: “You have MSA”! In between there is 1 year.
But back to the away tour. At that time I usually had terrible back pain and somehow, I just didn’t feel well. All in all. My physical condition left a lot to be desired, I guess I need twice as long for everything, I was reluctant to walk in emergencies and riding my bike didn’t work out so well anymore. What do you do then, you treat yourself, that was the silver tour with the Effzeh to Belgrade.
In the morning at 04.00 o’clock I picked up Marga and we went to the airport Cologne/Bonn. I always loved it when dozens of cars with K-FC license plates on the freeway were heading in the same direction. When you encourage each other at the rest stops because you are already playing against the descent again.
You tease with the fans of other clubs. Oh man, how I miss those times.
I like to remember the 1st away trip to Leverkusen where we won 4:1 (2x Poldi, 1x Nova, 1x Jajalo). Or the 1:0 victory on the Betzenberg. The statio trip to Hammburg to the Milerntor, where we were in the block of ST. Pauli we were in the 3. min through Clemens in the lead. I think you heard me through the whole block.  We had so much fun with all the sea bears around us.
Or even that you took the bus to Berlin for one of the most boring 0 : 0 in contemporary history.

Belgrade was my last trip out of town. Apart from the Poldis farewell game from the national team (what a goal) which was played in Dortmund.

After a year where it mostly went downhill, tomorrow will be the day with the magic 3 words.  When Dr. F then asked if I would see myself working again, I answered, I would like to know but not how. From his side came a
“Neither do I, do you currently require sick leave?”

Since then, I have thought and had conversations with my PDL, I could do something like this with consultation. Well, as I have often said/written/read, the first year takes away the bureaucracy, the 2nd year Corona

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