When it allmost went to Hamburg


A birthday was coming up. The sister became one year older. Thinking was called for! Effzeh voucher, favorite scent … has already been given to others. Musical or concert tickets rather difficult #Corona or Is not her thing.
Your enlightenment came on a Monday at 17.30 o’clock. A visit to the Hamburg Zoo Hagenbeck!
First I wrote a WhatsApp to my aunt and asked her if she would like to come with me, quick answer: Yes! In a phone call the other day she recommended me to inform Marga. So, I would have let you go?

In the evening I checked the situation regarding the accommodation. The super-booth in the St. Georgsviertel, where you often stayed during away games of the Effzehs in Hamburg, was unfortunately out of the question. #Rollator #not handicapped accessible #living together!

But there is a hotel directly at the zoo. And there were cheap savings offers (sorry Marga) . Reservation completed. Now to the train tickets. I don’t have a BahnCard, but I do have a severely handicapped pass with the marks B / G / aG at 80%.  Without token!
That means: one accompanying person can travel for free, the seat reservation is for free, the rollator/wheelchair also travels for free and you can book an entry/exit assistance.  You can even get an escort for the journey. A call to the railroad is enough.  Also for it one must pay nothing. However one cannot cancel savings offer/super savings offers, that is just stupid.
With the BahnCard there is the appropriate privilege and/or with token one may drive in the regional course everywhere free of charge.
Everything was booked and confirmed, then one could inform the sister. Great joy!

In the zoo itself you can also take an escort with you for free with the aforementioned ID and token B. I had booked another birthday tour including a guided tour behind the scenes of the orangutans and elephants.

The closer it got to 24.10, the higher the incidence numbers climbed. The intervals between the phone calls between Berrendorf and Brauweiler became shorter and more intensive.
Then one week before the 24th it was clear that we needed a negative corona test.
There is one test station in Kerpen and one in Pulheim . For 75 euros you can have a cotton swab stuck in your throat there.
So our small travel group went to Pulheim together on Thursday. The first moment of happiness: there was hardly anything going on.
Second moment of happiness: we were able to pocket 75 euros again. By presenting the booking confirmation, the whole thing went through the health insurance company. Hooray for the IPhone. Test and how I got the results was explained to us.
Happily we went home, everything was completely relaxed.

From Friday afternoon the barcodes were scanned. The nervousness of aunt and sister began, the telephone frequency increased.
Saturday morning a last phone call and off we went. So we thought.
The car was packed and Marga was about to turn the ignition key when the app appeared. You have 2 new findings ! Two why two, where is the third?
1.scan Marga is negative
2. scan the aunt is negative
3rd Scan Marion – the test could not be performed due to lack of material. One asks for a new sample!
The rest is history.

Thank you Corona for Nothing


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