Wash up 2019

I hope you all had a nice, relaxed Christmas and were happy with the Christ Child ?!

I didn’t see a Christmas market and my back and the weekly falls cost me a home game, several meetings, the stadium singing, cookies for everyone, the Christmas singing of dre90 and last but not least the iPad gave up the ghost after 7.5 years.  2019 ended as shitty as it started. Nevertheless, I rarely had more joy in giving away. Today my sister and niece go to a concert just like 25 years ago. Incl cuddly toy to throw ( poor Olaf ).

I survived the anniversary of the diagnosis surprisingly sovereign. It was the 10.12., even though the FTG pet was still being tested, I found the symptoms clear for me.

It must have been the year of adaptation.
I had to adapt everything again, starting with the time management, the living situation, the leisure activities and much more. Whereby I more or less skilfully do this!
For a better gait I train with a Kybun shoe. I have to adjust my speed.
In order to have a warm meal, there are smaller portions, as I have become rather slow here as well.
In the past we used to bake 3 doughs per member in our cookies for all the group, this time I was checkmate after 7 plates and couldn’t move for 2 days.
BTW who wants to bake the ingredients with me 😉 ?

While shopping I will have to buy smaller quantities, so that I don’t have to listen to you anymore, that in my condition you shouldn’t drink alcohol > (there should be eggnog cake)

Recently there was even a new record. Shower and hair wash in under 47 minutes. Yeah
Therefore it is also cheaper that we have 2 baths in Hannover. Because that’s where we are going in April. To a MSA / PSP congress with all the luminaries. Prof Wenning, Prof Lorenzel and what they are all called.
If we had one bath and four MSA patients we could definitely go to lunch right away!

I have to adjust my speaking rate and I have to concentrate, otherwise it happens to me like the other day at the stadium. The mouth opens and either nothing comes out or everything!
And so it is with all things, something has to be adjusted all the time.
Whether I enjoy it is another thing.
I envy every MSA patient who still lives alone. Alone because of my tendency to crawl on the floor, it wouldn’t fit anymore.

Thank you all for your support, your help and your presence.

Get well into the new year for which I wish you all the best! ???☘️???

It is what it is!

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