Rehab and Derby Winner

On 10.02 I go to Bischofswiesen for rehab. The invitation came unexpectedly and pulled a lot of bureaucracy behind a phone call (KV, KlinIk, HA, neurologist, Ergo, DB ect) there an order (medical supply store, pharmacy) and where I just do not speak so understandable. Too fast, too high voice pitch, too mushy.
And the corona crisis adds to it. It does something to you, at least to me, which is not exactly beneficial in my situation. And I’m not talking about Haribo Sauer Brenner or Storck Schokoriesen / Schokotoffe.

On the medical history form, there was a question about goals for rehab. Yes, what do you write there?
Quite soberly: Maintenance and, if necessary, improvement of the status.
Or more detailed and exact, i.e. to drive again, to be able to hold the Mark4 for a longer time or just to walk better and with less pain.
I hope that the motivation motor starts again and runs smoothly. I have some sand in the gearbox.

What will expect me there?
Since I sleep badly again (I have already before the date announcement) I speak not only unclearly but run also miserably. I am also a little nervous about the 3 weeks +X.
In my current condition I need one or the other handgrip more help, and I continue to have a hard time with it.
Not that I have doubts or no desire, I have also chosen the clinic because they offer exciting therapies. I don’t know if I’m putting the clinic or myself under pressure. In addition, I can’t just sit in my car and drive off like I did 2 years ago in Hilchenbach. That does not make things easier.
Since it is 730 km, this time the Deutsche Bahn may prove its ability.
I do not test the Deutsche Bahn alone, the dear Doro brings me to the Bischofswiesen, for which I am very grateful to her. If everything works out there is also a travel companion for the return trip. I could write now if everything goes well I need on the way back the free on/off and transfer assistance of the DB, which I booked for the outward journey, no longer. But that would be too much to ask.

The clinic has only one drawback , the cooperation with the Ponies (Borussia Mönchengladbach) well Nobody is perfect and finally I go there as a Derby winner, which lifts the mood immensely.
🔴🐐⚪️Come on Effzeh 🔴🐐⚪️

PS I have a vision of a MSA Stammtisch, where you can exchange and help each other ! Maybe you can also find experts who talk about one or the other topic. Think about whether that would be something for you.

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