Like a baby only not so cute

When I move, I remind myself of a baby. I walk, stagger, like a toddler who has just learned to walk. When I move my hand, I am imprecise, I hamper myself. Quite often I overshoot the target, so if I want to scratch my nose, I may give myself a slap in the face. A bread smear ends up with butter everywhere but on the bread, after a simple washing up I almost have to renovate the kitchen and I have to change clothes completely. 

The control of the bodily functions is also like with babies, best I do not go on it at all into the detail.

Babies develop motor skills only in the first months and years, newborn babies can not even change their body position without help, but soon they can sit and walk. Everything develops backwards. 

Speech and swallowing become more and more similar to a toddler. Talking becomes babbling. And with time we can only swallow pureed food.

From the speed the whole thing reminds me also of the development of a child. The randomness of what happens when is also so unpredictable. Some manage some things faster than others.

What I wonder is whether some things last?! I have the feeling the first two years were relatively stable and then the last months very intense. In the last few months, the balance goes downhill fast. I have lost the ability to walk freely. With a cane or even with Nordic walking poles. Outside, nothing works anymore. I make slurping baby steps. Sometimes I think, it can’t be that hard, I have learned it. But put a one-year-old child on his feet and tell him to walk.

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