A night out

I know that many people have their hair stood on end from the idea of going to a concert with multi system atrophy, with several thousand others – especially not to a concert by Lindemann, who is known as a provocateur anyway. And this time he did honor his name and didn’t let anything out, the concert was from 18 years and that was right – although I think the kids find all that, and even worse things on the internet.

Well, the whole thing reminds me of a book where the first 50 pages were about dry and incomprehensible things, then the writer said “If you’re still at it, and if you still haven’t run away tearing your hair out, then let’s get started”. What is shown here and elsewhere in the media, has to be digested, understood and accepted, that’s what the fans will weed now.

Well, I was glad to get tickets, because they were sold out in less than a minute.

I didn’t think about it at first, but for the first time I used my disabled ID card and took a companion with me. This was a friend of a friend who didn’t get a ticket and was very happy. I was also happy to make someone happy, for once.

So, of course it didn’t go without excitement. I was very worried whether it was possible. I have e-mailed the organizer. It wasn’t a seated event, but I could get in with a walker. Although there is no separate entrance for disabled people. 

I already bought a carbon rollator last year, especially for this event. The health insurance company wants to give one, made of iron, which weighs tons and is so “grannylike”. If you don’t like it, you have to buy one yourself. I couldn’t stand to stand on the spot that long, so I need one to sit down.

Then I was picked up by a friend. At home once again in the toilet, “prayed to my bladder”, and off we went there, parked somewhere in the back – we were guided, one couldn’t help it, there was already a huge queue. The parking lot was a construction site, on gravel, with huge potholes, unlit. So the “right” one to make my life with a walker more difficult. In addition, it also started to drizzle. So modest conditions, and all that in the evening after 6 pm, which is not my best time anyway.

We “elegantly” overtook the huge queue – no one complained – and got in a cheek point in the front of the building. I was able to get my companion in, without any problems. So everything went quite well.

I already knew the location, I had been there before (noticed, on high heels few years ago) and speculated on a place behind the toilets, sideways, quiet. How convenient that there was a platform for wheelchair users, where we also took place, with a very good view to the stage. Then again to the toilet, unproblematic, everything. I know that not drinking is not good, but from drinking you have to pee, and we don’t want to provoke the bladder, as a day of drinking a little will be already in it.

Two pre-bands have played and everything has dragged on. The hall continued to fill. Going to the toilets now would have been problematic now.

Then it started. How it was, I don’t want to discuss that here, for me it was definitely worth it. Last year in June I was on a (much bigger event, in the Olympic Hall with 74000 visitors) and I was already excited if I could make it. Since then I have done two more concerts. So it works. Of course without my friends it would hardly be possible. It was so good to feel alive again! And such an event gives a lot of strength to get out of this “MSA coma”. A lot of things are not as they used to be, but it is possible, I live my life and do things that I enjoy and not “because it’s the right thing to do” or “because society thinks it’s usual”.

At the end of the concert we waited for the huge rush to go away, and ran towards the exit. My bladder was great, I was proud of it!

Outside we were wandering around a bit in the cold and frozen in the wind, cold and drizzle. But all in all it was worth the effort. I am of course out of my “safety zone”, my doctor would certainly “put his hands over his head” but who cares? Is that why I die two days earlier? The worst thing would have been if I had fallen there, but my friends are already taking care of me. 

The next concert is planned for July, in Berlin, again stadium, so stair alarm. That is the next goal.

Thank you gils for support and being there!

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